Thursday, July 30, 2009

oh, it's friday! it's storming here now. lightning, thunder, rain. a nice hot summer storm. i have an exciting weekend ahead and hope you do as well.
so i don't know who is hot, but it is hot down here in the gulf! i can hardly breathe when i step outside. by now, we are getting a little tired of summer. and our minds start thinking about fall. cooler weather, thicker layers. the fall is a time for me to start baking. i love the way it makes my house smell. you may be wondering why on earth am i talking about fall and baking. well, i'll tell you. my friend here at BDC has informed me that there will be some new and exciting things happening at her 'shop' ( fall 'flavors'!! and so i have decided to share my thoughts with you. that is why you are here, right? that's what i tell myself anyway. so the flavors she has decided to add to her line for the fall are going to be used for sachets, lotions, shower gels, scrubs and bath fizzies. as i look over this list of 'flavors' my mouth actually begins to water. i envision county fairs, family cook outs, kids in the kitchen with flour all over their faces. when you look over these, what do you think of? sitting with a cup of coffee or hot tea, a little treat, and your favorite book? tell me what about the fall do you enjoy? i'll be listening.
Pumpkin Spice
Apple Pie
Pecan Pie
Candy Apple
Sweet Potato Pie
Chai Tea
i love my scented lotions, and hope you look forward to these. visit to see what's going on.
enjoy your weekend friends, and stay safe.

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