Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I Love the Beach

summer is almost over! i cannot believe it! what happened? school starts in a little over a week and we haven't done half of what we planned. sometimes that's the way it goes. i'm trying to get to the beach as much as possible till then. i had a friend come visit from out of state last weekend and we spent everyday at the beach. it's been 10 years since she last saw the ocean. we could not have asked for a more perfect weekend. she is a freelance photographer and she brought her camera (yea). she got some awesome shots of the ocean and my baby. she got a little burnt by day 3, but she says it was all worth it. the sun is an awesome source of energy. it just feels good. too bad it sucks all the moisture from our skin and gives us wrinkles. as children we never really worry about the effects of the sun. but as we get a little older . . . the past couple years i've decided it's time to protect my face. perhaps i should have decided that a long time ago. so now i am 31 and i see what the sun has done to my skin. ...sigh... and with my children, i know i need to teach them good sun protection techniques. bdc has given me some of her 'honey almond biscotti' lotion to try. i have been using it and i love it!! it is very silky smooth. and the scent is so light and delicate and sweet. it makes me feel good after a long day at the beach. i think if i had a man he would even like it. (wink wink) so this next week i will be getting the girls to the beach as much as possible, and lathering them up with sunscreen while i sit and 'worship' the sun. my face covered of course. and when the day is through and the girls are in bed, and i've finally gotten my shower, i will slather on some lotion and wish i had used sunscreen.

Photograph provided by Erin Henderson, Hot Springs, Arkansas


  1. I love what you wrote. I love beach and your article triggers me to go on a vacation! I'm glad that you had lots of fun there.

  2. awww, thank you. we did have fun. wherever you decide to go, i hope you have a blast.

  3. I love the way Fawn writes too. That's why I'm so glad I've got her guest blogging this week. Maybe we can all push her to keep writing.