Tuesday, July 28, 2009

girls, girls, girls

oh, what would we do without coffee? it's 8:30 am and my 8 month old just went down for her am nap. i sit here looking at the chaos which is my apartment, and a million things run through my head. things i should be doing, laundry, dishes, vacuuming, mopping, . . . but all i can manage at this moment is to sit here sipping my coffee. if i had a porch, i would even sit outside to drink it. not sure how long that would last though. it's probably already near 90*. not the best coffee drinking weather.
so i painted my baby's toes last night. and it got me thinking how great it is to be a girl. of course she hated being held still, but i know as she gets older, she will love it. i have three girls, and the older ones are 9 and 5. at times they beg me to paint their toes and after about two days i give in just so they'll quit asking. and i'm always glad i do. sitting there with them painting their toes, for those few moments, there's nothing else in the world but them and me. their attention is away from the tv, they aren't thinking about school or the latest argument between them, it's just two girls and their mom, being girls.
well, i bid thee farewell for now. my coffee is finished and so it is time i do something with my day. maybe i'll check my farm in 'yofarm'. or maybe i'd better wash dishes. ;)
now tell me, other than dishes and our monthly visitor, what do you think is great about being a girl? painted toes? rosey cheeks? scented lotions?


  1. Soap!! I seem to be addicted to handmade soap. Love trying all different kinds, drives hubby nuts. I'm not a girly girl, so don't do the nails thing, and have 2 boys so . . .
    Can hardly wait till that monthly visitor is gone!

  2. Well Audrey Handmade soaps are definitely on our to-do list. We can't wait to start.

  3. I also want to drink coffee, get rich and hir ea house cleaner and cook!

  4. Susan knows what she is talking about. Coffee and a house cleaner would do it for me.