Wednesday, September 9, 2009

sunday adventures

alright you guys, well, i've missed you. so here i am! it's me, 'queen pea'. i've been working on this blog for a week now. wow! it's already saturday. it's gone by so fast! i just wanted to share what our last sunday was like. we spent the afternoon with good friends. my girls and i went to visit with bdc and her family. had a blast. the babies followed each other around everywhere. they synchronized naps, that was nice. my two older daughters played guitar hero. they loved it. then bdc got really adventurous. she decided to let my older daughters create their own bath salts. they had so much fun, all three of them. they came up with two beautiful creations. 'allisa's misty meadows' and 'emily's pixie dust'. and of course this whole creating experience led to another great idea. i'll let bdc tell you about that one. of course i wished i had brought my camera. i'll make sure to have it with me next time.
so now it is good night. may you all have a good saturday evening and a great sunday. rest up, get ready for another crazy week.

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  1. Just wanted to stop by and say HI! :)

    I found your etsy shop by searching for locals in my hometown. That led to me finding your blog on your etsy shop. Keep up the good work!