Thursday, August 6, 2009

Back to School Already?!?

bdc has been busy 'creating' and so i thought i would check in on you all.

this is a busy time of year. summer is drawing to a close and many are preparing for school. so it is in my house. perhaps in yours as well. my 5 year old we'll name E, is starting kindergarten. all i can say is wow! what happened to my little girl? she has grown up so much just in the last 3 months. she is so excited! 2 more days. so i have tried to impliment a bed time and tried to get her up early and have her get ready . . . it hasn't worked. it's my fault i know. a part of me feels this is the last time she has for a long time to stay up late and sleep in. i know i will regret it come monday, lol. so this weekend we are going to work on it. i'll let you know how we do.

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