Sunday, December 20, 2009

Where have I been?!

You know that is a great title. Even I don't know. I have been taking care of my son who developed pneumonia and a double ear infection. Yeah I know, kill me know. Other than the fact that he has been heavily medicated and stuck in doors for a week and a half now, he is doing a lot better. Did I mention he was one? Yeah. So one of the medicines makes him extremely, and I do mean extremely, hyper. So much so that I think he could fuel the space shuttle to the moon and back. On top of all of this loveliness, my husband has the flu, my NEW USED car had a radiator and thermostat explode ($1,500.00 to fix), haven't made 3 payments yet, and now we need to trade it in. So that is where I have been?! Whew. So what about everyone else? Need to vent? I did!